Law Enforcement Solutions Group, LLC.

Boston, Massachusetts
Law Enforcement Solutions Group is comprised of active and retired law enforcement professionals with over 100 years of experience.

  • Law Enforcement Solutions Group (LESG) is comprised of currently active Command Staff, Specialized Unit Commanders, and Investigative Supervisors.
  • Our legal team consist of active practicing attorneys with decades of experience with the District Attorney’s Office and Municipal Corporations.  Our attorneys are ready to meet all challenges. Our entire team is currently and aggressively practicing civil litigation.
  • Law Enforcement Solutions Group will provide independent OIS investigations that are conducted in a manner that is transparent, fair, and legal for the officers, victims and their families, the criminal justice system, and local community. Law Enforcement Solutions Group will conduct an OIS investigations that are conducted in an impartial manner that maximizes transparency and ultimately ensures justice and community confidence in the determination.
  • Our staff with decades of investigative experience have investigated numerous fatal and non-fatal officer-involved shootings.
  • Our staff staff is available 24 hours a day for any critical incidents that requires an immediate response.

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Cybercrime Investigations and Digital Forensics


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$699.00 (2 days)

Investigating & Responding to Sex Trafficking:

A training for Law Enforcement and Healthcare Professionals

Course Leaders: Sergeant Detective Marc Sullivan, Boston Police Department and Dr. Abigail Judge, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

December 5-7,  2023

$799. 00 

Tampa , FL


Police contact with potential sex trafficking victims is an opportunity to interrupt exploitation, link individuals with services, and enforce anti-trafficking laws. More often than not, however, suspected victims do not identify as such, are deeply mistrustful of law enforcement and have significant mental and substance abuse use concerns that police are not equipped to address. There is also a mistrust of police among healthcare professionals, which limits opportunity for collaboration in the service of victim-directed goals. In order for law enforcement to successfully engage victims in services, and for healthcare to appropriately collaborate with police, complex intersections between policing, trauma and addiction must be directly addressed.

Our multidisciplinary faculty include national experts in human trafficking investigations and clinical intervention, who have developed a collaborative model that embeds psychological and survivor expertise at the moment of police response. This conference will introduce law enforcement and healthcare professionals to sex trafficking investigations, with an emphasis on how understanding the  psychology of sexual exploitation can improve enforcement, policing practices, and outcomes for victims and survivors. Participants will acquire knowledge about sex trafficking, learn about best practices in investigations and clinical engagement, and strategies to improve cross-sector collaboration.

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Officer-Involved-Shooting Investigation


December 12-15, 2023

Columbia, SC

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