Peace Officer Standards & Training Certifications (POST)

The Team from Law Enforcement Solutions Group are educated and have a deep knowledge and understanding of the implications of the new police reform laws around the country. Specifically, in Massachusetts, where the new POST guidelines were implemented as of December 2020.

Effective December 1, 2021, all law enforcement personnel in Massachusetts will now rely on a statue for the authority to use force instead of the prior common law and constitutional law practice.

With the newest police reform legislation, law enforcement officers must act to prevent excessive force.

Legislation dictates that “when and if” an officer has been proven to commit a violation of the use of force standards, the officer “shall” be decertified as a police officer.

This POST commission additionally will have the authority to monitor allegations of misconduct, demand information related to the internal investigation, and be able to conduct their own independent investigations.

The Division of Police Standards “shall” conduct investigations of any law enforcement officer when they receive sufficient or credible information related to any time:

  • an officer is involved in an injury or death
  • an officer is suspected of committing a crime
  • an officer engages in conduct prohibited by statute
  • the agency head recommends actions by POST for retraining, suspension of an officer’s certification, or decertification.

Any officer who has their certification suspended, has the right to a hearing with a POST designee within 15 days.

Law Enforcement Solutions Group has attorneys on staff to assist any officer facing a POST suspension or decertification.

Under the POST Statute, law enforcement agencies are required to cooperate with POST.

All law enforcement agencies must be certified by POST and establish certification standards.

Law Enforcement Solutions Group will consult with police departments and ensure that they are in compliance with their reporting guidelines.

Human Exploitation and Trafficking/Expert Witness

Law enforcement contact with human trafficking (HT) victims is an opportunity to interrupt exploitation and link individuals to services. More often than not, however, potential victims do not identify as such, deeply mistrust law enforcement, and have psychological concerns and addiction that police are not equipped to address. The field lacks collaborative models that account for these dynamics at the time of police contact, resulting in missed opportunities to help individuals still being exploited. There is an urgent need to reimagine police contact as an opportunity to engage HT victims, requiring a radically person-centered approach grounded in law enforcement/services collaboration, trauma-informed policing, and a new services model. We  have developed a model where have been able to connect HT victims with services while successfully prosecuting traffickers.

Independent Officer Involved Shooting Reviews

Law Enforcement Solutions Group will provide independent OIS investigations that are conducted in a manner that is transparent, fair, and legal for the officers, victims their families, the criminal justice system, and local community. Law Enforcement Solutions Group will conduct OIS investigations in an impartial manner that maximizes transparency and ultimately ensures justice and community confidence in the determination.

Law Enforcement Solutions has assets throughout the east-coast and is able to deploy, in most cases, within hours to incidents to relieve the perceptions of conflicts of an internal investigation.

Independent OIS investigations have become essential. Law Enforcement Solution is able to provide municipalities with experienced OIS and homicide investigators at a supervisory and command level along with experienced attorneys who are not representatives of or affiliated with the involved agency.

Law Enforcement Solutions will provide a thorough and accurate OIS investigation that is imperative in determining whether formal charges or other administrative processes will follow for the involved officer(s).

Audits and Policy Review

Our staff is available for internal audits, review of policies and procedures, to include the drafting of new policies and procedures for your company or public safety agency.

Law Enforcement Solutions Group offers services in Spanish.

Law Enforcement Solutions Group is available to travel anywhere in the continental United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.