Cy-4 Digital Solutions is staffed with experienced active duty law enforcement investigators with substantial experience in conducting digital evidence forensics and cyber investigations.

Our team have practical and formal education in the area of cybercrime investigations, cyber security, and digital forensics.

Our team is available for training and consulting in the following areas:

1. Types of Investigations and Platforms (e.g. Social Media, Apps, E-Mail, etc.)
2. Open Source Resources 
3. Preserving Data and Cloud
4. Identifying Target(s)
5. Identifying Sources of Digital Evidence
6. Preparing Legal Process and Search Warrant preparation
7. Search Warrant Execution and Device Seizure
8. Interviewing Suspects, Witnesses and Victims
9. Preserving valuable data on devices during seizure
10. Lab submission and Digital Forensic Examiners
11. Digital Forensics
12. Understanding and Navigating Forensic Reports
13. Encryption