Sexual Assault Investigations


Sexual Assault Investigations

Dates: Wednesday, February 28

& Thursday, February 29, 2024

Braintree, MA Police Department

282 Union Street, Braintree, Massachusetts

        $399 per person

Departments contact for invoice.


The Sexual Assault Investigations Training course is designed to provide investigators with a wide range of investigative techniques that  can be employed  to conduct compassionate and effective victim-centered investigations into adult and child sexual assaults.  

Through the use of case studies, students will explore a variety of topics including dynamics of sexual assault, interviewing techniques, case organization, collaboration, critical thinking and decision-making, cognitive biases, digital evidence acquisition, and the role of physical evidence.  The course also proposes to address investigative challenges presented by incapacitation and issues of consent, “stale” crime scenes or delayed reporting, same-sex sexual assault, and acquaintance or domestic relationships between the victim and offender.


Must be a Law Enforcement Investigator/Officer to attend this course.  Material may be law enforcement sensitive. Credentials will be verified.

Required Training Materials

Students should bring their Department-issued laptop.

Program Curriculum

  • Multidisciplinary Teams Approach to Sexual Assault Investigations/Victim Support
  • Psychological and Behavioral Aspects of Sexual Assault Victimization
  • Initial Response to Scenes to contact with victim
  • Victim Interview Techniques/Cognitive Interview
  • Forensic Interviews
  • Target Interview Techniques
  • Effects of Trauma on Recall and Memory
  • Sexual Assault Investigations Involving Special Populations
  • Preparing the Case for Grand Jury and Trial-Discovery Considerations
  • Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on victims
  • Drug Induced Sexual Assaults
  • Sexual Assaults at Licensed Premises
  • Crime Scene Management and the Role of Physical Evidence
  • Human Body as a Crime Scene- Specialized Unit responses


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